Learning Support Programs



Reading Recovery is an intensive early intervention program, individually targeting the most vulnerable readers and writers in Years One and Two. Lessons are individually designed, delivered and emphasise change according to individual needs across a series of daily lessons.

The intervention program runs for 12-20 weeks, aiming at improving reading achievement to that of the class average. The daily lessons include reading, word work on specific letter and sounds knowledge and writing.

Reading Recovery is a ‘second wave’ intervention that follows initial class literacy instruction. It operates in accordance with the CEWA literacy Strategy supporting schools to improve literacy outcomes for all students.


The EMU Intervention Program is delivered by a trained specialist teacher. This intensive program is offered to students in Year 2 who are vulnerable in their mathematical learning.


These children benefit from specialised mathematics programs conducted by a qualified specialist teacher who designs personalised intensive instruction in small group settings. The EMU Program aims to accelerate children’s mathematics learning so that after 10-20 weeks, they may participate in the classroom program within the average band for their cohort.​