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Kiss and Ride


    Parents are to ensure that they (and any other relevant friends, babysitters, family members) are familiar with the below procedures for drop-off and pick-up at PCPS.  

    To ensure the safety of our students, as well as the efficient process of dropping off and collecting your children, please be aware of the following: 


    • Other than the few Visitor bays near the office, there is no parking allowed inside the school gates in the morning. This area is a Kiss & Ride drop off area, which means the line of traffic needs to be constantly moving. 


    • In the afternoons only the Kiss and Ride section in the staff carpark is parking for only Pre Kindy and Kindy.  


    • There is to be no parking in the staff carpark bays nor in the middle of the car park due to safety concerns.  


    • In the morning you can park along O’Leary Road on the school side only – not on the resident side. 


    • In the afternoon you cannot park at all on O’Leary Road. This area is for a Kiss & Ride pick up section, which is also a moving line of traffic. 


    • Please ensure your car is as close as possible to the kerbside on both sides of O'Leary Road so traffic can still flow in the middle. 


    • The parking bays on the far side of the oval are always available for parking. 


    • Please do not block the back gate entrance at the back of the school as cars will need to enter and exit from there. 


    • You cannot park on someone’s verge on O’Leary Road unless you have their permission. 


    • There is no right turn from O’Leary Road into the school as this halts the efficient flow of traffic. Drivers are asked to drive down to the end of O’Leary Road, turn around at the cul-de-sac and then drive back up to turn left into the school through the gates. 


    • Please be aware that Rangers frequent the area to check on the smooth flow of traffic and to ensure parking on verges or in the Kiss and Ride does not take place. 


    • All families should have a car family name label. Having these speeds up the process of pick-up. 

Please see the map below for Kiss & Ride procedures at Padbury Catholic.

Kiss and Ride Map.JPG
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