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Musical Production
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Following the success of our 2021 inaugural musical Super Stan, we were pleased to present the 2023 musical production of Starwarts: The Umpire Strikes Back.  Students from Year 5 and 6 were again invited to audition and we were pleased to see that our numbers for participation had increased to a whopping 65 cast members and 7 backstage crew.  


After auditions were held in Week 3 of Term 1, we began rehearsals immediately and after 6 months of hard work and dedication, we were extremely pleased to present to the school and local community 5 spectacular shows.  One show was presented to students from 3 local Catholic primary schools, with the other 4 shows a sell-out success!


The feedback we have received from both parents, students, staff and other members of the community has solidified our belief that providing students with the opportunity to take part in the musical is a valuable and rewarding learning experience for all involved.


"Absolutely amazing! Well done to everyone involved in this. You can see how much work has gone in which makes this an amazing production. I encourage everyone to see it as it really  is brilliant. Well done!"

"Being part of Star Warts was such an incredible experience for my daughter. The amount of joy the rehearsal process and performances brought her, as well as the many lessons and memories she will hold onto for life - is absolutely immeasurable!"

"Thank you, thank you! Our kids feel valued outside of just their academic performance and get the chance to try their hand at new things and challenges themselves."

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Padbury Catholic held its first-ever Musical Production in 2021, titled The Amazing Adventures of Superstan!

The Musical was open to all Year 5 and 6 students. 46 students joined the cast, with 6 students joining our stage crew.

Auditions took place at the end of Term 1 and rehearsals ran for 14 weeks from the start of Term 2, to early Term 3. In Week 4 of Term 3, the cast performed 4 shows: One Matinee performance for local schools, and then three night performances for the community.

Over 600 tickets were sold to these three shows and the reviews were simply outstanding.

The Musical provided our students with an opportunity that not many Primary Schools are able top provide within the Performing Arts area. We were able to showcase the simply AMAZING acting, dancing and signing talents of our students.



"What an amazing show! Thank you to the school for dabbling in the Arts & investing in this. It was such a great show to watch. We have some very talent students, who are lucky to have the teaching staff back them. Look forward to the next one!"

"Such an amazing performance! Huge congratulations to everyone involved! So much talent!"

"Just amazing. I was blown away!! So good to see the ARTS shine at Padbury Catholic Primary School."

"An amazing effort by all and an excellent script. Well done PCPS for highlighting the talents of students in the Arts and for everyone who made the show a possibility. An unforgettable experience for all involved."

"WOW just WOW. Fantastic production. Congratulations to all involved."



The Performing Arts Adjudicators who attended our performance gave the show the highest mark possible - OUTSTANDING. We also received the Inaugural Catholic Primary Principals' Award at the Catholic Performing Arts Festival.

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