School Profile

Padbury Catholic School is committed to living the motto of ‘Love One Another’ (John 13:34). We strongly believe in the acceptance of all people; respecting personal dignity with Christ as our model. Each individual is a person of worth and their sacredness is honoured and protected.  We see and value God and the good in all people.  The school community values and encourages active participation by staff, parents and students working together to provide an atmosphere of approachability, empowerment and justice.


The school community models the gospel values in all its interactions. At Padbury Catholic we work to create a unique sense of parish.  Students have many opportunities to develop and share their faith and gifts through a deep connection to the Sacraments.  All members engage in the community with a strong emphasis on Christian service.  Families are encouraged to be actively involved in parish life.


In a digital age, the school provides a future focused and creative learning environment to meet the contemporary needs of students.  Staff take an evidence based approach to ensure decisions are made from an informed picture of the whole student.  School programs are designed and adapted to suit the culture and context of the school.  Staff development and collaboration is ongoing and based on current research into best practice.  To sustain our culture we maintain a strong focus on staff well-being.


Padbury Catholic is a vibrant, innovative school which challenges students to pursue personal excellence and become the best version of themselves.


Padbury Catholic Primary School serves the area of Padbury and other surrounding suburbs within close proximity to the school. It is a co-educational Catholic primary school catering for approximately 500 students from Pre-Kindy (3yr olds)-Yr 6.

There are specialist programmes in the areas of Music, Languages (Italian), Science, Drama/Visual Arts and Physical Education and a number of extra-curricular  activities  supported by the school.


Our Catholic faith is taught in every class according to the religious education guidelines for Western Australian Catholic schools. Padbury does not have a church on site however the school is part of the Whitford's Parish - Our Lady of the Missions.


Facilities include wonderful natural playgrounds, a large oval, tennis, netball, basketball and multicourt areas, an undercover area, hall, a well resourced library, an information technology learning hub, Science lab and contemporary, well equipped classrooms that are brought to life through the learning of the children.

Padbury Catholic Primary School is founded upon the traditions of the Sisters of Mercy. We have a staff of more than 40 teaching and non-teaching staff who are committed to providing a high level of pastoral care and quality education for students. As a Catholic school we uphold the values of Jesus Christ.


The name Padbury was given to the school as the Archbishop at the time asked that schools be referred to according to their locality. A survey to change the name was held at a later date but it was decided to keep the name as it is still today - Padbury Catholic Primary School.

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Mercy​: Be thoughtful, warm and respectful in all you do and say.


Compassion: Show you care for others in your words and actions


Justice: Treat everyone fairly and equally


Dignity: Show respect to everyone – we are all made in the image of God


Excellence: Always be your best and do your best


Hospitality: Be welcoming, friendly and inclusive in all you say and do


Stewardship: Let us take care of everything God has given us


Service: Make a positive difference in the life of others

  • Our Motto: Foundation Principal Sister Carmel chose the motto of ‘Love one Another’ (John 13:34) as it is the first and greatest of all the commandments. If we do this then all other virtues will be a part of our life.

  • The Cross: The cross is stylised on the Mercy Cross because of the link with the Sisters of Mercy and Sister Carmel Wringe who was the Foundation Principal. It also represents Christ as the foundation of all that we aspire to be as a Catholic school.

  • The Rainbow of the Covenant: Every time we see a rainbow we are reminded of our friendship with God. This friendship is called a ‘covenant’ and as God promised Noah never to turn a back on those people chosen as partners and friends, our job is to make this a world of peace and love and never turn away from the God who cares for us.

  • The Water: Water symbolises our Baptism and also represents God’s gift of the ocean to us as part of our locality.