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Extra Curricular Activities

At Padbury Catholic Primary School we have a wide range of Extra Curricular Activities on offer for students throughout the school:

Running Club

To practice our Cross Country Running skills, Running Club is run every Thursday morning before school on our oval. This is a hugely popular training club, with over 200 students joining in each Thursday morning.

Swimming Club

Swimming Training is held before school 2 mornings a week throughout Term 1. Students receive training by our coaches at Craigie Leisure Centre, before returning to school to start the school day.

Coding Club

Coding Club is run after school once a week during Term 2 and 3. The aim of Coding Club is to develop the students' innovation, creativity and problem-solving skills by providing them with opportunities to learn how to write codes and further enrich their digital technologies skills. This program is run by our Key Teacher in Technologies.

Lego Masters

Lego Masters is held at lunch times throughout the year in our Learning Hub, where we have a Lego wall and dedicated Lego Tables. Students use their creativity to work in teams and build creations based around a specific theme. Entires are judged and winners announced for each year level.

Musical Production

Years 5 & 6 students are offered the opportunity to be involved in a full-scale Musical Production which rehearses throughout Term 2 and 3, with a number of Performances mid-Term 3. The Musical is a wonderful opportunity for those with acting, dancing and singing talents, as well as those interested in making props and backgrounds, to display their talents. In 2021, the Musical Production was The Amazing Adventures of Superstan.

Rubik's Cube Club

Rubik's Cube Club is held every Tuesday during lunch time and is run by our Gifted and Talented Teacher. Students have the chance to share their skills and challenge each other to competitions.


Students in Years 3 to 6 have the opportunity to participate in Choir one morning per week before school. We also have boys and girls choirs that run throughout the year. Our choirs have the chance to perform at school Masses, Assemblies and Performing Arts showcases, such as One Big Voice.

Year 5 & 6 Electives

Every Friday afternoon our Year 5 and 6 students have the opportunity to participate in Elective Subjects. This new initiative is a chance for students to experience a wider range of curriculum subjects that they would not normally get to experience in Primary School. Subjects on offer photography, fashion & design, podcasting, movie making, cooking and early childhood studies.

MBA Sports Coaching

One afternoon a week, students from Kindy-Year 6 are able to book into MBA Sports Coaching, where instructors provide a range of different options to provide progressive and differentiated sport sessions for our students.

Music Instrumental Tutor (Private)

Students are able to participate in individual music tutoring on the school site. Currently we have Keyboard, Violin, Guitar, Voice and Drums on offer. This program is offered through external providers at our school.

Instrumental Program Application Form

Knitting Club

Once a week in our Learning Hub, students are able to participate in a Knitting Club, led by one of our teachers. This club is a wonderful opportunity to learn a new skill during lunch times!

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