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As part of Padbury Catholic Primary School’s endeavour to provide meaningful learning experiences and opportunities for all students, based on their need, we offer an Extension Program to students who demonstrate a need for intervention on top of what is offered within their regular classroom setting.


Students are selected for entry into the program based on results from an array of standardised tests administered from Years 3-6. The program and activities offered within the Extension Program differ from year to year however are always derived from the General Capabilities of the Australian Curriculum and will explicitly teach Critical and Creativity thinking skills.

As part of our endeavour to encourage all students to challenge themselves, we offer the opportunity to take part in a variety of extra-curricular extension engagements. These extra-curricular activities vary from year to year depending on our student numbers, event availabilities and school programmes. SciTech Challenges, visits and competitions, Tournament of Minds, Synergy Solar Car Challenge, ICT Global Challenge Competitions, Rotary Speaking Competitions, in-school Engineering competitions, Inquiry Based Challenges, Debating and STEM Challenge Days are some of the extra activities that may be offered to the extension students allowing them to demonstrate their skills and talents and extend their abilities.

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