Early Childhood Education

In our Early Years classes (Pre-Kindy-Pre-Primary), our children and families are welcomed into a supportive and nurturing environment, where the uniqueness of each child is at the forefront of our early childhood programs.

We believe that every student is a unique individual created by God, with their own special gifts, strengths and needs, and our programs aim to intentionally develop each child’s individual potential. Our early childhood educators provide opportunities for our children to experience play-based learning that is engaging and meets each child’s individual developmental needs, building success for life.

Our play-based learning philosophy helps develop agency in our children and occurs in an environment where our educators provide the framework and provocations for learning opportunities. Children are given daily opportunities which are socially interactive, self-motivated, and self-directed.


We have high expectations for each child and it is our belief that factors such as excellent foundations in Literacy and Numeracy, early educational interventions, and an emphasis on individual student strengths are integral to students’ learning and development.