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Grooming Standards

Students are expected to be well groomed and to have a sense of pride in their appearance. Padbury Catholic Primary School uniform expectations apply to all students when travelling to and from school, during school hours and for designated school functions. 

  • Hair must be one natural colour only. Extremes in hair colour and styles are not acceptable. Students with extremes of hair colour and/or style will be sent home to remedy the situation.

  • Hair must be clean, brushed and kept off the face.

  • If hair is longer than the bottom of the collar, all hair must be completely tied back with a ribbon or elastic band only in school colour/s (blue, red and white).

  • If a headband is worn it must be be blue, red or white in colour.

  • Nail polish or makeup is not permitted.

Permitted Accessories
  • One fine neck chain with Christian symbol 

  • Watches may be worn

  • 1 pair of plain sleepers or studs (boys and girls)

  • No other jewellery or fashion attire may be worn

  • A plain red scarf

  • Padbury Catholic Primary School Legionnaire hat or slouch hat only

  • Please note that preference is given to no jewellery being worn and if worn the school does not accept responsibility for loss or damage.