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School Prayer & Song

O God in heaven 
Help us each day 
To be loyal to our school 
And truthful we pray. 
To do our best 
In work and play; 
To think of others 
Please show us the way.

Padbury Catholic Primary School Song
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By Mitch Bristow and

Megan Woodall ©

Founded in Mercy tradition

Belonging and learning for all

to be Christlike the mission

Padbury Catholic School was born


Oh God in Heaven

Help us each day

To be loyal to our school

And truthful we pray

Oh God in Heaven

Help us each day

To love one another

It's the Padbury Catholic way


A strong sense of community

A place of harmony and respect

Excellence and unity

It's our calling to connect


Under the rainbow covenant

Located by the sea

The Mercy Cross God's instrument

Be the best we all can be


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