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Specialist Programs


Padbury Catholic Primary School offers a specialist Science program for students in Pre Primary to Year Six.  Our Science Program aims to develop critical and creative thinkers through inquiry and hands on learning experiences.  


Students work in collaborative teams to learn about Earth & Space, Physical, Chemical and Biological Sciences, and are encouraged to look for ways that science contributes to our daily lives.


The school has a dedicated Science Lab and a wide range of equipment to support the Science Curriculum.


Our classroom Music program aims to promote enjoyment, musical knowledge and confidence through performance and expression.


Padbury Catholic primary also offers children the opportunities to participate in various choirs: 

Year 3, 4, 5, 6 Choir for boys and girls

Year 4, 5, 6 Boys Choir

Guitar and Keyboard Club is offered for Years 4, 5, 6 


Our students have the opportunity to participate in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival as a solo, class and/or group entry. Each year our choir harmonises with at least 3000 other students in The One Big Voice Children’s Massed Choir held at the RAC Arena.


“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind and  flight to the imagination.” (Plato)



Our students have the unique opportunity to participate in weekly Drama lessons during Semester 1 and weekly Visual Arts lessons during Semester 2.  The weekly lessons take place in our newly developed Studio.  The children have ample room for activities.


Through dramatic play, improvisation, rehearsal and performance, students learn how to explore the fictional world in a safe, supportive environment.  Having this opportunity develops an understanding of drama as an artform.


During our visual arts component, children experience and explore the concepts of art techniques, artists, medium

audience. With the opportunity to observe, respond, create, implement and showcase art works, children are able to experience the depth of their own imagination of art, craft and design. 


Students at Padbury Catholic Primary School participate in an extensive Physical Education program from Pre-Primary to Year 6. 

From Pre–Primary to Year 2 the focus is on developing fundamental movement skills through games, gymnastics and dance.  The Kindy and Pre- Primary children also participate in a Perceptual Motor Program.

The Year 3-6 children have a focus on game skills through participation in a range of sports.  The aim of the program is to foster a healthy, active lifestyle and have fun at the same time.

In Year 3-6 children participate in school Cross Country, Athletics and a Swimming carnival.  Children who excel are selected to represent the school at Interschool level.  Padbury Catholic Primary School excels in Cross Country and has won 8 consecutive years at the Interschool competition from 23 schools in the Northern Suburbs.  Padbury Catholic has also won the State Championships for Cross Country  for the past 4 years.

Year 5 & 6 students participate in Interschool basketball, cricket, netball, soccer, AFL, hockey and tag rugby throughout the year.

Extra-curricular activities occur regularly at Padbury Catholic.  We have a running club for all students and parents during Term Two and Three.  Running club is a great way to start the day, helps maintain fitness and is lots of fun. In Term One we offer a swimming club twice a week for those interested in improving their fitness at Craigie Leisure Centre.  The swim club has a professional coach who helps the children prepare for the swimming carnival at the end of Term One.  Swimming lessons are also run from Year 1-5, usually in Term One.

Edudance is a super exciting program that is offered to the children in Term Four.  All children participate, have an amazing time and produce sensational concerts at the end.


Padbury Catholic Primary School offers Language Other Than English (LOTE)- Italian classes for students from Pre-Primary to Year Six. This Program immerses our students in the Italian language, where students learn to speak, read and write in Italian, as well as exploring the cultural aspects of Italy.


The school has specialist Italian teachers from the Italo-Australian Welfare & Cultural Centre Inc (IAWCC).

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