Athletics Carnival 2020

Here is the 2020 Athletics Carnival Program


The day will begin at 9:00am so we expect all children to be at school by 8:30am.

The day will start with the faction team march, followed by the school prayer and national anthem. Please be assembled on the school oval before 9:00am if you are coming to watch the events.

A schedule of events will be sent home with the children before the day, and this will also be posted on the school website for you to follow your children’s activities.

Please Note: Due to Phase 4 Covid Restrictions remaining in place at the time of the Carnival, there are some procedures that the school will need to put in place to ensure we are following the Phase 4 Guidelines. Please read the information below carefully as we ask for your cooperation in following these guidelines in order to allow the day to run smoothly and safely for all.


  • When you arrive at the carnival, each adult will be required to Scan (using their smart phone) a QR Code (located on multiple signs around the oval) and ‘check-in’ to the carnival. Every single visitor to the carnival must sign in through the QR Code. This is so that we have a record of all persons on school grounds on this day, as part of our Covid plan for the day.

  • As normal there will be a section allocated for parents to view the carnival. This will be clearly signed and completely roped off. This year we are asking that all parents remain in the roped off area for the whole day. If parents require the use of a toilet, we ask that you walk up to the Hall toilets and use these, and then return immediately to the parent area. Please do not use the children’s toilets.

  • The parent areas will be sectioned off and have a maximum number of spectators per area. Please follow these guidelines which will be clearly signed around the oval on the day.

  • We ask that parents social distance themselves from others during the day.

  • Students will not be permitted to go to their parents, and parents will not be permitted to enter the student faction bay area at any stage during the carnival. No exceptions will be made.

  • There will be a lunch break, but the students will remain in their faction bays to eat their lunch. Students will not be able to eat with their parents.

  • At the end of the carnival, after presentations, all students will return to their classrooms. Only one parent may collect them from the classroom. No students will be released from the oval.

  • Although there will not be a sausage sizzle at the carnival, there will be a coffee van for parents.


Pre Primary Students

The Pre-Primary have been practising hard for their first sports carnival and are getting very excited.

The students will participate in a 50m race and a number of novelty games. Whilst the Pre-Primary students have been allocated factions, it is not compulsory for them to wear their faction colours. The Pre-Primary students will be allocated teams within their class to participate in the novelty events.

The Pre-Primary activities will take place on the Northern part of the oval so if you are keen to see your child that is the best place to sit.

The Pre-Primary students will participate in the march and then their activities. After they have finished their events they will return to their classroom for the remainder of the day.

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